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Celebrating 35 Years Of Superman II: The Adventure Continues . .

It’s been called one of the greatest superhero movie sequels of all time & continues to be the standard for which all other summer sequels still seem to be measured by. Alexander Salkind’s Superman II has everything you could want in a fun follow-up to director Richard Donner’s magnificent original film, 1978’s Superman I: The Movie. Audiences of all ages were finally treated with the . . . .

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Okay, I caught the pilot and I have to say I think CW has a chance with this series.  If you miss it last night, they are replaying the pilot after the Season Premier of ARROW.

Okay first I have to admitt I can't really picture Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, but I felt that way about him when he was first on ARROW, but I think he will grow on me.  At least he has powers now, so we'll see.  Now so far from what I'm seeing this Flash is based on DC's NEW 52 comics line.  His suit looks somewhat like that as does Barry's background.  Which is when he was 10 Barry's mother Nora Allen is murdered (All clues point to Prof. Zoom, The Reverse Flash), but it's Barry's Father (Played by 90's Flash John Wesley Shipp), who is accused of the crime and sent to prison.  This much I know is based on The NEW 52 cause I read the graphic novels at the library.  (I refuse to buy the NEW 52, but that doesn't mean I won't read them if I can do it for free.  lol)

Anyway, after this much of Barry is revealed we meet Iris West & her Dad who is a cop and takes Barry in after his Dad is arrested.  Barry & Iris attend a function at STAR Labs, then we see thew scene we saw at the end of ARROW where Barry is hit by the lightening.  He wakes from a coma 9 months later at STAR Labs and meets Dr. Wells who is in a wheelchair and Caitlin Frost  and Cisco Ramon.  The last 2 names in the comics become Killer Frost & Vibe.  Not sure if the show will go this route later on but that is my guess.  Anyway the rest of the episode deals will Barry Dealing with his powers, and as he is tested he flashes back (No Pun intended) to his Mother's murder and in the lightening around her, remembers a glimpse of a man in yellow (another hint to Reverse Flash).  Barry now believes his mother's killer is like him a meta-human.  We are then introduced to Weather Wizard who got his powers in the same lightening explosion as Barry.  Barry learns from Wells that the explosion not only effected Barry but others.  (This part kind of reminds me of the Kryptonite effected people on SMALLVILLE).  Barry wants to capture Weather Wizard, but has doubts that he can become a hero.  He runs to Starling City and gets a pep talk from Oliver Queen (It's a cool scene and if you are into ARROW you will love it!)   Barry goes back to STAR labs to ask Frost & Ramon for help, them give him a special suit that can withstand is high speeds.   Later Det. West & His partner Eddie Thawne (I'm guessing he is secretly Prof. Zoom) try to stop Weather Wizard and fail.  West sees Thew Flash for the first time, and he and the wizard go at it.  Barry's mask comes off and as the wizard is about to kim him he is shot by West who now knows Barry's secret.  

My favorite part is the end where Barry visits his Dad in Prison and We see both Grant Gustin & John Wesley Shipp have a scene together.   To me it kind of a passing of the torch moment for both FLASH actors.  The final scene is where Dr. Wells is in a secret room and we learn he doesn't need his wheelchair and he reads a newspaper from the future about the Flash goes missing during a crisis.  I have a feeling Dr. Wells will be a villain later on.

Anyway I think the show could be another hit.  I'm still not crazy about the Flash suit, but I'm hoping they will make some changes to it, like they did with Arrow as the series goes on.   Anyway, I plan to give the series a fair chance.
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